KDE Neon

This documents various infrastructure for the KDE Neon project.

Main parts of infrastructure hosted by KDE:

Jenkins master

Jenkins master for KDE Neon is hosted on charlotte. Jenkins master runs as the neon user on port 8400. It’s reverse-proxied by Apache, on virtualhost build.neon.kde.org.

Jenkins data is stored on the /home/neon/data.

Currently following people have access to the neon@charlotte 1

  • Harald Sitter

  • Jonathan Riddell

  • Bhushan Shah 2

  • Scarlett Moore

Aptly archive


  • document more


Currently there’s also jenkins@do-neon-jenkins access key in authorized_keys which is used by Jenkins master to talk to slaves, but that being in neon user’s authorized_keys does not make much sense, todo: investigate more


Since Bhushan have access to root@charlotte he does not have access key added to the neon user, should this change in future, his key should be added