This is a virtual machine donated by Gaertner.


  • 2 cores

  • 4GB RAM

  • 50GB disk

  • Ubuntu 16.04 (xenial)

The IPv4 address is IPv6 is not set up.


This server is in charge of monitoring the rest of our infrastructure. It runs InfluxDB to store recorded metrics and Grafana to visualize them and send alerts. Every server (including overwatch itself) runs Telegraf to gather metrics and send them to InfluxDB.

More information about the setup is in the Infrastructure monitoring page.


Overwatch backups are saved in micrea.

  • rsync (retention: 7 daily)

    • /etc

    • user crontabs

    • dpkg package lists

    • Grafana SQLite database file

  • Borg (retention: 7 daily, 4 weekly, 6 monthly)

    • InfluxDB database