Many KDE servers are physical dedicated servers rented from Hetzner. No donation or sponsoring is involved; they are paid by the KDE eV.

Current servers:

For hardware reset, tech support, etc. use the control panel at https://robot.your-server.de/

Note that ange is also hosted at Hetzner, but it’s a sponsored machine and not part of our Hetzner account.

Storage boxes

With each server, Hetzner also provides a free 100GB “storage box”, which we use for backups. They support sftp, rsync, and borgbackup. They aren’t restricted to the associated server, so sometimes we may make a server store its backups into the storage box of another server, for disk space reasons.

We also have a separate 2TB storage box, used for other backups that wouldn’t otherwise fit in the free 100GB ones.

The credentials for storage boxes are available (encrypted) in backups-vault.yml in the Ansible playbook repository.